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VALORANT Viper keycaps full set cherry Profile Transparent

VALORANT Viper keycaps full set cherry Profile Transparent

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*The keycaps are made of thick PBT material, suitable for intensive games, and can produce satisfactory firm keystrokes. PBT sublimation key caps, the color has penetrated into the key cap, the service life of up to ten years will not fade, you can rest assured to use and enjoy the design on the key. Dye Sublimation key cap, durable wear and no oil, and matte design makes the key not easy to stick sweat, appearance more texture. Printed by thermal sublimation process, characters will not wear out.

Technology: 5face dye sub

Compatiability: It can be used for most Standard ANSI MX switches Mechanical keyboard
space bar is 6.25u ,namely space is11.7cm Make sure your keyboard space bar is 6.25U standard.

* Height: Cherry Profile


Transparent Side Print Letter

Standard dye

Free keycaps puller


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